Thursday, July 27, 2006

AP Biology Wiki
ISTE provides a series of podcasts from NECC. One of the speakers, Dan McDowell of West Hill High School, addressed creativity in the use of WEB 2.0. Dan really focussed on exploiting the strength of of wiki pages , i.e., collaboration. One of the things he does is to develop a wiki for the essential questions provided by the College Board for his AP curriculum. This is something I also plan to do with my AP Biology class this year.
I'm not sure how Dan organized his wiki, but my plans are to generate one page devoted to each topic. The relevant essential questions will be listed on each page. The questions will be divided among the members of the class. Each student will be required to provide the primary entry for a certain number of questions and review and revise a certain number of entries. Points will be awarded according to schedule similar to the one mentioned in the previous post.
Access to the wiki will be restricted, at first, to my students. After the assigned topic is "complete" (never in a wiki), it may be opened for public revision. My hope is that this will produce a permanent set of review "sheets" which will lessen the need for cram sessions as the May test date approaches.

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Sean M. Martinson said...

The NECC 2006 podcast series and the BLC 2006 (Allen November) podcasts are amazing. If any of you reading this haven't listened to them it's time to fire up iTunes and subscribe to them!

Sean Martinson